River Oaks Physical Education

Remember you need to try and move 60 minutes a day. Pick a different Activity every day, and then repeat ones you like! Remember wash your hands, don’t touch your face and drink lots of water.

Make sure you get your parents permission before doing any of these activities and continue to practice social distancing.

Jump rope Singles

· Single Bounce

· Double Bounce

· Running

· Turn Around

· Skier (side to side)

· Backwards

· Criss Cross feet

· Invent One


· Spark PE Dances

· Just Dance Kids- School Appropriate Just Dance

Kids Heart Challenge Fitness

· 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home

· Heart Healthy Bingo

· Character Coloring Pages

· Heart Facts


Thank you, Kids Heart Challenge.



· Juggling with Scarfs for Beginners

· Scarf Juggling for Beginners 3 Scarfs

· Intermediate Juggling


Thank you National Circus Project and Niels Duinker

Beachbody Kids Workouts






Yoga and Stretching

· Cosmic Kids Yoga

· Full Body Stretch


“P.E. with Joe” YouTube

He will be adding a new workout video every day Monday-Friday!

No equipment required!


Thank you, Coach Joe

Tabata Workouts

· Avengers Endgame Tabata workout

· Fortnite Workout

· Old Town Road

· Tabata Kids 5

Downloadable Fitness Apps

· Sworkit Kids

· NFL Play 60

· Habitz

· 7 minute workout for kids


Fun Workouts

25 Minute Kids Workout

Class Fitsugar Family Workout

Fitness Blender for Kids

Card Workout

You need a deck of cards with 52 cards. Flip the cards one at a time and do a fitness movement for them.

Deck of Card Workout



With Parent Permission

· Play outside

· Go for a walk

· Ride your bike


Two Week Fitness Journal

Courtesy of Openphysed.ord

Format Credit: Lakyn Rutledge Cochran