Websites for Students:

*Almost all programs can be accessed from here!  Students may log in to their Clever accounts; for example, it is their and their password is the same password to log on to their computer.


*Dreambox is to practice Math skills, and can be accessed through their Clever accounts.

SOL Pass:

*The students click elementary school, grade 4 Virginia Studies, and the username is River Oaks ES and the password is dolphins.  The students can choose a unit on the left hand side and view study guides and practice with activities.
*The students may take practice tests for Reading and Math as well on this.  They can choose the grade level and take the Reading test.  For Math, they will choose the topic under Fourth Grade, and take a practice test for that.


*Class code is ZVD4181.

Brain Pop and Brain Pop jr:  &

*The students can watch videos and take quizzes on these.  The username is ROES and the password is river, but again, students can log on through their Clever accounts.


*Students can log in through their Clever accounts to access this.  Students can practice their Reading and Math skills.


*Students can practice their Math skills quickly with this program.  They may log in through their Clever accounts.


*Students can complete assignments for Reading, Math, and Science.  They can log in via Clever.

Mystery Science and Generation Genius: &

*Students can access lessons, videos, quizzes, and worksheets off of these to help instruct Science.  Mystery Science does not need a log in.  Generation Genius is "River Oaks" and the password is riveroaks.