Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to what is going to be an awesome All-Star year in Third Grade! My name is Ms. Chellian McIntyre and I am so excited about this opportunity to be your Third Grade teacher! 

I know you must be wondering what interesting things Third Grade will hold for you, so I will give you a few hints. This year you will dive into fractions, measurement, geometry, & many other exciting Math activities. You will read, read, read – every day & every night - & will have the opportunity to indulge in both fiction & nonfiction (short stories, articles, novels, biographies, autobiographies poetry, letters, & any kind of writing you can imagine)! You will become a talented author as you write, proofread, & edit your own sentences, stories, & even books. In Science & Social Studies, you will learn about weather, landforms, forces & motion, various wars, economics, & a wealth of information related to Virginia. Above all, you will learn a myriad of new things, grow as a learner, & achieve success in so many ways! For further information, check out our elementary curriculum online at


I firmly believe that communication between school & home is vital for the success of your child. I am committed to ensuring that you are aware of everything which happens here in class & hope that you will work with me to read messages, sign & return communication & assist with nightly homework. Agendas will come home daily so that you are able to keep track of what your child needs to complete each & every night. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached here at the school, or via email at


I look forward to us working together to achieve success for all Third Graders!


Ms. McIntyre