Monday                   6/8/2020
                                              You will not have any NEW work assignments this last week of school.  You may work on any assignments you may not have gotten to since we  started virtual learning in April.  I have left all assignments and attachments available below.  

I can't wait to see you at the promotion parade!!!!
I miss you all so much!

                                                               Social Studies                     6/4/2020          

                                                                                 The Midwest

-Read through the PowerPoint presentation on “The Midwest.”
-As you go through the PowerPoint be sure to answer the questions in the “Guided Notes” document.

-Read the Midwest info packet and the Midwest state info packet.  Write a persuasive paragraph about why someone should or should not move to the Midwest. 
(all materials are in files and documents)

-Send your answers to the guided notes and paragraph to your teacher when you are finished.

Science         6/3/2020


Read the two books, It’s Good to know about Matter and Properties of Matter (both are in files and documents)

Flocabulary Matter Video and Read and Respond Questions, for practice

Take the Matter Test (in files and documents) 
Exchange answers with another 5th grader and email your teacher a summary about how you did

Math               6/2/2020

Adding and Subtracting Fractions (5.6)
Complete pages 21-23 in your Math SOL practice folder.  Make sure to show all work (finding common denominators, simplifying, UPSC as needed).

You will have until Thursday, 6/4 to complete the following assignment:
Go to the Recipe Challenge Performance Task attachment.  Follow the directions carefully.  You may work with another person from class (I know many of you are connected online) or you may work independently.  There are several steps.  I cannot wait to see who is able to complete this challenge correctly!!  Email me your complete answers when you finish :)
 I’ve heard that some of you are making cookies!!  YUMMY!!

Language Arts                    6/1/2020

Interview Time 


You must interview another student. They do not need to be the same age, but you are welcome to interview another 5th grader. 


Under files and documents are interview questions. You may use those, or pick out your favorite ones, or make up your own questions. Be sure to ask enough questions so that you have enough to write about.


Once you interview your person, you must write (type or handwrite) a biography about that student, and email it to me.


Hint: Ask the basic questions: Where were you born? When is your birthday? How many siblings do you have.. etc 

Science              5/28/2020


Watch Mystery Doug:       
How deep does the Ocean Go?
(link is attached)

-Before reading: Draw and label the Ocean Floor- Abyssal Plain, Trench, Contiental Shelf, Continental Rise, Continental Slope, Mid Ocean Ridge.
*send me a picture of your labeled diagram*

-Read these two books, then answer the 4 questions at the end.
Powerful Oceans
Secrets about the Sea
(both books are attached)
*when finished, email me your answers*

Math               5/27/2020

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Go to the Origo Home link on our webpage. Click: United States—Grade 4—Week 3.

Watch the 2 videos for Monday-watch and talk- to review how to estimate and add mixed numbers.  You may continue review if needed with any parts of the lessons Tuesday-Friday.

-Complete the Simplifying Improper Fractions page (attached). 
-Complete the Fraction Problems (attached)
Email both when you have finished- make sure to show all your work.

You will have until Thursday, 6/4 to complete the following assignment:
Go to the Recipe Challenge Performance Task attachment.  Follow the directions carefully.  You may work with another person from class (I know many of you are connected online) or you may work independently.  There are several steps.  I cannot wait to see who is able to complete this challenge correctly!!  Email me your complete answers when you finish :)  YUMMY COOKIES!

Reading                      5/26/2020

Making Inferences 

-Introduction: Complete Flocabulary- Making Inferences Video and Quiz
-Watch the short film: Lifted then make some inferences answering the questions that are attached.

Lifted Short Film:
(copy the link)

-Complete the inference assessment that is also attached. Email me your answers to this and the questions to the Lifted Short Film.

Social Studies            5/21/2020

The Southwest

-Go through The Southwest PowerPoint 
As you go through the PowerPoint be sure to answer the questions on the guided notes document. 

-Read the Southwest info packet and fill in the States and Capitals page.

-After completing all the reading and work on the Southwest, draw a picture, write a poem, or write an email to your teacher on things that make the southwest unique.

The southwest powerpoint, guided notes, info packet, and states and capitols page are attached in files and documents.

Science                   5/20/2020


Watch the Mystery Doug Video:
Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

Read the Animal Adaptations Book and answer the questions.
(look in documents and links)

Complete the pages in your SOL Science folder (4.5 Living Systems)
Don’t forget to send me a picture when you’re done 😊

Math                       5/19/2020

                                      Order of Operations
-Go to the Study Jams Order of Operations link and complete the video

-Flocabulary: Order of Operations
Video and Quiz
Complete the practice questions
 (7-10 are BONUSES)

-Complete Order of Operation questions in your SOL review folder: pages 25-26
Send me a picture of your answers to these pages when you finish  

Reading                   5/18/2020

 Listen to the Pixar Short Film, Joy and Heron:
(copy the link)

Answer the following questions on the attached page-Joy and Heron Discovering Theme:

1.What is the main character’s conflict?

2. How does the character deal with this conflict?

3. What did the main character learn about Heron?

4. How does the character deal with this conflict?

5.What major lesson about life did this character learn?

6. How could you apply this lesson to your own life?

7. What major theme comes to your mind? Were there any minor themes? 

Social Studies         5/14/2020

Go through the PowerPoint Presentation on “The West” 
(in files and documents)



As you go through the PowerPoint be sure to answer the questions on the guided notes document  (or in your notebook)



Read The West Text Packet and make a Video or an email to send to me about your favorite new facts about the west and why they are your favorite. 

Remember to email me your work!  I want to make sure you get credit for completing it :)

Science                 5/13/2020

Remember- There will no longer be zoom meetings- I will update you with new plans to meet as soon as I have them-


Mystery Doug: How Deep is the Ocean

Mystery Doug: What is the Ocean salty?

(the link to these are in files and documents)

Complete the Ocean Practice 
(look on webpage)

Complete the Ocean Practice questions in your Science SOL Practice Book.

SOL pass- Ocean section

Math           5/12/2020

Perimeter, Area, Volume
-Complete SOL workbook pages 27-30.  You may use a calculator.
-Flocabulary- Area and Perimeter- Complete the video and quiz.  Read and Respond is optional.
-Use problem solving skills to complete the Perimeter, Area, Volume quiz attached to my page.  After completing the 5 questions, email me your answers and how you solved them.

Reading                   5/11/2020

Listen to the story,
Emmanuel's Dream 

(copy the link) 


Answer these questions 


1) Define disability 

2) Define unable 

3) What does it mean to earn respect? 

4) What was Emmanuel’s dream? 

5) What was Emmanuel’s message? 

6) What is your dream? 

7) What was your reaction or feeling to this story? Explain. 


Social Studies                   5/7/2020


Video 1
What is a Region?


Video 2
Regions of the US


Science                                                5/6/2020

Read all the way to the bottom!!!!  It's Twin Day!!!!!!

Read through the books (Ever Changing Earth and the Rock Cycle

Answer the questions at the end of each book and email them to your teacher. 

Complete the Geology Practice. You do not need to print these.

Complete Geology Page in your SOL Folder

Spirit Day: 
Twin Day 
Dress like anyone in 5th grade.
Describe your twin in 3 words.

Math                                            5/5/2020

Fractions and Decimals

Math SOL Folder- Complete pages 1-7

Complete the “Room for Shoes” activity attached to my page.  Be ready to explain how you found your answer.

Converting Fractions to Decimals using Division

Reading                                                       5/4/2020

Nonfiction Text Features

Read and Respond (optional)


Create a collage using different nonfiction text features. You must include at least 12 different text features. Your collage must have a theme.
(I.e food, places, basketball, beauty, etc). You may use magazines, newspapers, if you are creating a poster.

*You must label and explain the purpose of each text feature.

Nonfiction Text Features Video

Science                                                     4/29/2020

5.5 Cells


Draw and label a plant and animal cell. What are their functions?


Nucleus, Cell Membrane, Cell Wall, Cytoplasm, Chloroplasts and Vacuole


Draw a Venn Diagram- Write the differences and similarities between plant and animal cells.


Pick a plant or animal cell. Use household objects to represent each part and function of the cell.


Cells Rap

Math                                                             4/28/2020

7.5 Decimal Computation

(Use Calculator)

Online Calculator- Desmos 4 Function


Sol Review Folder


Pages 17-20

Use your strategies, show your work!



Flocabulary: Decimals

Complete the video and Quiz. All other activities are optional.



Write a word problem using decimals and solve it. Send the problem and your answer to your teacher.


Complete Decimal Computation Ladder activity linked on my webpage

Writing                                                            4/27/2020

You make type or handwrite your stories. Email them to me!


Quick Writing Activity

Choose This OR That and write a short story.


This: Write a story that includes these 4 words:

Happy- Lamp- Run- Barn


That: Write a story that includes these 4 words

Scary- Shoe- Lost- City


Prompt Writing Activity:


Prompt: What is one item you would like to have? Write to describe the item and explain why you want it.


Pay attention to detail. Brainstorm different items you want, then circle 3, then pick 1. Remember, Details. Details. Details!

Social Studies                                                   4/23/2020

Today's Activities:

-Complete the Latitude/Longitude practice sheet (look in files page 2) 
*You do not have to print the sheet, but please make sure to write your answers in your home learning notebook so you have them when we go over this at our next zoom meeting.


Video 1Landforms & Bodies of Water.  Complete the video and quiz.

*Optional Read and Respond* 

Video 2Continents.  Complete the video and quiz.

*Optional Read and Respond* 


I will reset any activities that are lower than a B for you to retry.

Science                                                             4/22/2020

-Read the Sound and Light Book(In Files)Answer the questions at the end of pages 11 and 19 and the review fill in the blank, at the end of the book. Then, email your teacher your answers and 2 things you learned. 


Light:  Video, Quiz and Read/Respond 

Sound: Video, Quiz and Read/Respond 


-Study Jam Videos

Light Video


Sound Video


Math                                                                  4/21/2020

5.4 Computation

- Log into Flocabulary and complete the activities for Problem SolvingComplete the video and quiz.  All other activities are optional.


-SOL Review Folder- Complete pages 12-16.  Use your strategies, show your work! You may use a calculator.

Use the grid paper (or paper you have at home) to complete a multiplication table (1-12)

Solve the 2 word problems using UPSCThe word problems are on page 2 in files.

-Many of you have not completed the prime and composite quickcheck (BNES 5.3 quickcheck) in powertest.  Scroll down to Friday's home learning.  It only has 6 questions.  Try your best to get to it today :)

Reading                                                              4/20/2020

-Read the Passage 
A Fun Way to Start the Day  You may read it from SOL pass (Reading grade 5) or there is a copy in the files.


 -Do your strategyTGDDDM

                                   Use your strategies when answering the questions.

                                    Which paragraph did you find your answers?

-Read the passage “ Grandma Etta’s Wild Rice Soup" You will find a copy in files.


Use your strategies and answer the questions

Friday, 4/17/2020

You may log into powertest and take BNES 5.3 quickcheck.  This covers prime/composite & odd/even numbers.

Have a great weekend!  Please email me with any questions you may have :)

Geography 4/16/2020

Today's Activities:

-Log onto Flocabulary (remember our class code is GT56FC).

-Complete the video and quiz for Map Skills and Latitude and Longitude.  All the other assignments for each of those lessons is optional, but make sure you get the practice you need with the material BEFORE you take the required quiz.

-All activities that are below a B will be reset.

-Zoom meeting today at 2:30.  Please have your math and science SOL folder.  We will discuss and review material you have completed.

-Don't forget to email me with your feedback.

Science                                                           4/15/2020

Today's Activities:

-Complete the section for 4.1/5.1 in your SOL Folder (Scientific Investigation)

- Log into SOLPASS 4.1/5.1 Scientific Investigation. Watch the videos and read the Study Guide Practice Questions.

-Go to Study Jams and play the video.  See link in files and documents. 

-Information to join our zoom meeting has been sent to parents.  Join us at 2:30 PM.  I can't wait to see you!

Math                                                               4/14/2020

For today's instruction you should complete the following activities:

1. Complete a chart from 1-100 in rows of 10.  You will find a copy of grid paper you may print in the files and documents.  You may also use any paper you may have at home.  Once you have your 100's chart complete, go to the link for the Prime and Composite Video (also in files and documents).  Follow the video and complete your chart.  Be sure to stop the video as needed to catch up.

2. Complete pages 8-11 in your Math SOL Review Folder.  I have attached a copy you may print if needed.  Once you have completed the pages, use the attached copy to check your answers (they are near the bottom of the file-5.3).

3. Please email me! Let me know of any particular problems you may have had completing today's assignments.  I would LOVE to hear from you!!  I miss you :)

Hello Parents and Students!                                                           3/23/2020

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  During the next few weeks you will be able to find links here for distant learning while we are away from school.  I sent students home with 3 weeks of home learning to be used beginning the week of 3/30.  You may find a copy of this document under files and documents.  I also emailed all parents yesterday with the email listed in their child's registration card.  If you did not receive an email, please send me your current email to: 

Please continue to connect and stay up to date with PWCS updates. Students may continue to access all the websites we use in class through clever. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.  I will update this as I have more information to share with you.

I added a link to a virtual trip to the Museum of Natural History--Enjoy!  I'd love for you to email me and let me know what you think :)

I miss you all, and look forward to the new adventure of distant learning!

Ms. Jones