• Complete the activities in each square
  • Keep track of completed squares by printing/marking the bingo chart or writing it down
  • You must complete a row, column, diagonal, or get 4 corners to win a "prize"
  • Send Miss Cunningham anything that you create that you want to share via your school/personal email. Sharing your creations is not required, but I would love to see what you do with these activities though messages, drawings, photos, and videos.
  • Have a parent email me when you complete 4 corners, get Bingo one or more times, or complete the entire board.
  • For homemade instruments, access to Visual Music Mind and Musication YouTube channels, Orchestra listening examples, and  "Useful Links"
  • The River Oaks Dedication song can be found under "Useful Links"
  • For Recorder music resources click on "Recorders" or "Files and Documents"

Below are all of the virtual prizes that you may win upon completing Bingo.

Completing 4 corners- Virtual High Five send to your email
Completing 1 row/column/diagonal- A photo of Miss Cunningham's new puppy
Completing 2 rows/columns/diagonals- A completion certificate send to your email
Completing 3 rows/columns/diagonals- 3 Music Jokes from Miss Cunningham
Completing 4 rows/columns/diagonals- Miss Cunningham will share a memory of you or your class
Completing 5 rows/columns/diagonals- A video of Miss Cunningham singing the River Oaks Dedication Song and/or her favorite song
Completing the entire bingo board "GRAND PRIZE" - All the prizes are yours and Miss Cunningham will share a TikTok of herself with you.