Optional Time



Before 9 a.m.

Wake up


9-10 a.m.

Morning physical activity

Take a walk; Remember to practice social distancing

Have a dance party in your kitchen;

Make a backyard or indoor Scavenger Hunt;

Get moving with these YouTube options:

10-11:30 a.m.

Creative Time

Play music


Reuse & Recycle- create something using something you no longer need or want to repurpose (birdfeeder, etc);

STEM- build or solve a problem using household items (visit ScienceBuddies for inspiration);

Draw and write with authors/illustrators:

Post daily creative challenges on Twitter;

Art Prompts:

11:30-12 p.m.

Clean Up

Clean your room, help around the house, etc.

12-12:30 p.m.


Enjoy Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Mo Willems Lunch Doodles (https://www.kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems/) copy + paste in URL bar

12:30-1 p.m.

Quiet Time

Check out these resources for quiet time:

1-2 p.m.

Academic Time

During this time, the focus will be on a specific content area. The schedule is provided below. Please check the resources under this chart for suggested activities for academic time for each specified content area.


Monday- Language Arts



Thursday-Social Studies

Friday-Free Choice

2-3 p.m.

Creative Time Cont’d

Movement, Music, and the Arts:

Practice Spanish Skills

  • Spanish Plus Me- A fun and musical approach to introduce the Spanish language to children.
  • The Spanish Experiment- Some well-known children’s stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Read along in Spanish or English.

3-4 p.m.

Encore Time

Below is a schedule of encore classes offered throughout the week during this time period. Encore teachers will reach out to students with suggested activities. You can also visit their teacher webpage on the River Oaks School homepage.


Monday- Art

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- Music

Friday- Counseling

4-5 p.m.

Fresh Air

Take a walk, ride your bike, play outside with siblings, if you have a pet, play with your pet too! -Remember to practice social distancing.

If it’s rainy, visit Sports Illustrated for Kids.

5 p.m. –bedtime

Connect with Others

Eat dinner with family;

Connect with friends and family virtually;

Play a board game;


Get plenty of sleep.

Day of the Week


Suggested Activities:



Language Arts

Read for 20 minutes (Options):

  • Complete a summary using a SWBST graphic organizer.
  • If you have your Reading Rotation folder, spend 20 minutes reading a passage and answering comprehension questions
  • If you do not have a folder, use EPIC! and take a quiz when you finish reading.

Practice skills using IXL

  • Reading strategies A-N
  • Vocabulary skills

Journal- Write about your experiences at home; use one of many Journal prompts.

Visit Storyline Online and enjoy a wonderful book read aloud by a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Create your own comic strips or graphic novels


Additional Options for English Learners:




Practice skills on Dreambox (log-in through CLEVER). I will be adding review skills each week.

Review skills on IXL

Brush up on your foundational skills on XtraMath (log-in through CLEVER)


Additional Resources focused on helping learners to build and practice math skills.

  • Bedtime Math(Cabin Fever)-Engaging, hands-on math activities for families.
  • Greg Tang Math-This site includes a wide variety of mathematics games and resources, including Ten Frame Mania, Numtanga, and Math Limbo, to challenge students’ math thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Open Middle-Challenging math problems at all grade levels that have a “closed beginning,” meaning that they all start with the same initial problem, a “closed end,” meaning that they all end with the same answer, and an “open middle,” meaning that there are multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem.



Virtual Field Trips:

Explore BrainPop on CLEVER and review skills


Additional Resources:

  • Smithsonian-Students can meet the animals while viewing webcams, play in the science game center, explore the learning lab and become creators.
  • National Geographic-Explore Brain Boosters and Animal Facts and Pictures, and Cool Stuff.
  • San Diego ZooContains videos, live cam footage, stories, and activities for all ages.
  • NASA STEM Engagement-Engineering activities, online games, and videos to get kids moving and training like an astronaut.
  • Smithsonian's Air and Space Anywhere, Anytime-Enjoy open access images, activities and games, 3D images, and pioneer stories.


Social Studies

Review VS.2-VS.7 on SOLPass; play review games and watch the short videos.

Explore historical sites, geographical regions, and create on Google Earth and Google My Maps.

Interactive Map of the United States- find your state/capitals, identify the states that border your own, predict the geographical features in each area, etc.

Learn about life in Colonial Times Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation.

Explore BrainPop on CLEVER and review skills


Free Choice

Students can choose any activity from above to continue review of previously taught skills. They also have access to the applications on CLEVER to use for extension.