Prince William County Forest:

Virginia Weekly Newspaper:

*Students username is their first name with a space after and then their school ID number.  Password is just their ID number.
Name ######

SOL Pass:

*The students click elementary school, grade 4 Virginia Studies, and the username is River Oaks ES and the password is dolphins.  The students can choose a unit on the left hand side and view study guides and practice with activities.


*Class code is rll5480
available 9am - 4pm


*Students can log in through their Clever accounts to access this.  Students can practice their Reading and Math skills.


*Students can practice their basic math skills quickly with this program.  They may log in through their Clever accounts.

Mystery Science and Generation Genius: &

*Students can access lessons, videos, quizzes, and worksheets off of these to help instruct Science.  Mystery Science does not need a log in.  Generation Genius is "River Oaks" and the password is riveroaks.

Story Time From Space:

Natural History Museum:

Mount Vernon:

National Geographic:

Instructional Calendar: 2019-2020 4th Grade Pacing.pdf