Ms. Norris

Hello 4th Graders!

I hope everyone and their families are staying healthy and safe during this time. Please continue to visit the PWCS Website for frequent updates as we go through this difficult time. 
As we continue this journey of home learning, we are now entering phase 4/5 of the county plan. Teachers will continue to support students with review of previously taught standards.
This week will be very new, and I am sure we will all face some confusion and challenges, but if we work together we will figure this new style of learning out together. Here I have two documents for you to review from Ms. Williams:

Virtual Learning Letter - ROES 2020.docx

Virtual Schedule River Oaks FINAL.docx

 Students will be asked to focus on one specific content area each day for an hour. Each grade level has been scheduled at a different time as to not cause complications with households that have more than one student. I want to reiterate that this is an suggestive schedule and times and activities are flexible. Students have also been given a scheduled encore time and specialist teachers will be reaching out with further resources. I will also have office hours every Tuesday from 2:00-3:00pm. During this time, I will be available to answer calls, emails, ClassTag messages , and/or video conference if needed.

Our schedule for this week starts off with Math on Tuesday, Science on Wednesday, and Social Studies on Thursday. Each week, I will post what students will be able to work on through my Virtual SchoolHouse page, as well as our ClassTag account.

Before leaving, students came home with their login card with all their usernames and passwords for websites that we access during the school day. All of these can be accessed through their Clever, using Office365. Students may need to enter their email, which can be found on the front of their student login card, (USERNAME@pwcs-edu.org). If you have any questions about logins or passwords, please don't hesitate to email me  or message through ClassTag. In addition, students can reach these websites through the Websites for Students link found on our school homepage.

If your student receives speech therapy please visit the “SPED” web page and click the “Speech Therapy” option from the menu on the left side.  Here you will find a message from Mrs. Kovalich and resources for articulation, expressive language, receptive language and fluency.

As always if you have any questions you can email me at norrisha@pwcs.edu
. I miss you all dearly and I hope you are taking time to read, and spend time with your family!
- Ms. Norris